The mission act of mercy seems to be quite a bit hard for a level 2 mission. Especially when you only have 1 million skillpoints :).
When I got it the first time, I lost a cruiser (Stabber). As I had eliminated some ships already (with a lot of warping out) I was able to finish it in a Rifter frigate. Surprisingly (or not so) it was much easier in the Frigate. The heavy missiles have a hard time tracking it.
So as I got it again yesterday I tried it in a Rifter from the start. It seemed doable, I dispatched the frigate class npc ships without many problems, but got too eager and lost the Rifter. Flying a frigate for this mission is possible, but still hard.
So I fitted a Vexor for the remaining ships. And it worked like a champ.
Just warp in, launch some Hammerhead I and let them decimate one ship after the other. They are so small that they are hardly hit. Mix in some dps from your weapons for good measure, if you aggro too many opponents move out. You can move the drones that get too much damage back into the drone bay and launch fresh ones. You possibly will lose some drones in this mission, but it doesn't matter because you will make almost 1 Mil. ISK in this mission. Quite a profit for a new pilot.